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I’ve decided to come for help . . . what do I do now?

In the Fort Erie area, phone South Niagara Life Ministries at 905-871-0236 during regular business office hours from 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, with your request for services. You will be given further instruction how to proceed.

In the Port Colborne / Wainfleet area (to save long distance fees) phone 905-650-2363 to leave a message. You will be contacted with further instruction on how to proceed. When closed, at any time, and our attendant isn’t available, please leave a clear, brief message, with your name, and a number that we can return your call at the earliest opportunity.

What kinds of problems and counseling issues does South Niagara Life Ministries address?

Aside from counsel, practical areas of help are offered by way of life-skill classes, budgeting, resource room (emergency food and clothing) supplies, etc. ‚ and other practical helps. Counsel is offered to all people, at least once, individually or with other members of the family, and then on a short or long term basis pending a plan of care can be agreed upon, that meets the need. All counsel requests (and referrals) are considered through an intake/ application process; information to help us begin to know each counselee and understand the problem counsel is being sought for. Call us for details. Every effort will be made to direct any counselee, in the event we are not the best fit to their need, to others more suited to fit their request.

What kind of qualifications does the staff have?

South Niagara Life Ministries strives to engage staff with varying degrees of qualifying accreditation and/or equivocal life experiences, i.e. B.A., M.A. in counseling or those who have obtained biblical counselling certification. South Niagara Life Ministries congratulates staff in their pursuit of excellence, and their attempts to upgrade personal skills.

What about confidentiality?

No information is released to anyone without prior written consent from a counselee, except when legally obligated to report.

I am underage; do I need the presence of a parent or legal guardian, or their permission, to come for help?

No, you do not need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or require their permission, to request our help.

If your services are free, where does your funding come from?

South Niagara Life Ministries is donor based, and financed by the financial contributions of individuals, businesses, churches, and our own funding efforts (or those held on our behalf. See our DONATE page as to how you may graciously help).

pregnancy, addictions, counseling, help, crisis, anger Issues, conflict resolution, grief support, sexual health, Niagara, ON


Does South Niagara Life Ministries still offer free pregnancy tests?

Yes. Call South Niagara Life Ministries during regular office hours, 905-871-0236. An appointment will be necessary to complete an intake form, do the test, and provide you with any further information or resources you may need. If you are a student, an appointment, confirmation note is available for your return to class/school.
What services does South Niagara Life Ministries provide once I discover I am pregnant?

A consultation visit to South Niagara Life Ministries is readily encouraged. Making a difficult life altering decision, too quickly, can bring a lifetime of pain and regret. If a decision to carry your child to term has yet to be determined, likely you have many questions: 1) Should I abort my baby? 2) Should I carry my baby? 3) Should I parent my baby, or 4) Should I consider an alternative parenting plan? i.e. electing others to do the job that I would do, if my circumstances were different? South Niagara Life Ministries offers a basic decision making program that assists you to responsibly consider these options, though what ever decision is made, will be your own. If a decision to parent has already been made, South Niagara Life Ministries has many practical and decision making resources‚ all geared to help equip you for the big job of parenting.
I have had an abortion? Will you help me?

Yes. You may have processed information regarding your pregnancy and opted that abortion was the way to go. As time passes, you might find yourself surprised that relief has turned to (possibly painful) regret, now in need of some trained help. Our facility offers a safe place to confide in, to process this life changing experience, with confidential, non judgemental assistance to help you work through any difficulties you are having.

Are you in need of counselling?

South Niagara Life Ministries indiscriminately assists individuals and families in need of timely help toward resolving life-altering crises, issues, circumstances, and problems. We accept people from all walks of life.

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