We want to make a difference in the world and so can you! Please contact our offices for more information.


On the average, South Niagara Life Ministries consistently serves 100 to 150 individuals and/or families a monthly – usually in urgent need of counsel, resources, and support. Monthly Gifts and Careholder donors are KEY to sustain SNLM’s charitable mission and vision, rather than government funding; as are third-party initiated fundraisers. We are grateful for all contributions, as are the individuals and families we serve, in need; making the difference in lives being reached, rescued, and renewed.


Are you in need of counselling?

South Niagara Life Ministries indiscriminately assists individuals and families in need of timely help toward resolving life-altering crises, issues, circumstances, and problems. We accept people from all walks of life. Contact us today!

Reaching   ♥   Rescuing   ♥   Restoring   ♥   Renewing Lives!