Individual counseling is available to anyone who may be hurting, confused, frustrated, or feeling overwhelmed by personal problems. Counselors help with various issues including depression, grief, loss, addictions, trauma, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, relational issues, etc.


Family counseling brings various members of the family together with a counselor in a confidential session, helping each member understand the problem and how he or she can best contribute to the solution. Counseling the whole family or smaller units within the family can help bring healing in difficult family situations. Youth and teen counsel is available.


Our goal in marriage counseling is to assist couples in responsibly resolving issues and problems presented as threatening to end their marriage. Counsel serves 1) to explore and identify all areas of conflict contributing to the presentation problem(s), 2) to assist in reconciling and strengthening the marriage, and 3) to work towards developing the sanctity, harmony, and peace in the home.

Anger Issues / Conflict Resolution

Our curriculum offers basic biblical principles to assist participants: 1) to identify root causes of anger, 2) to identify the heart issues that influence conflict, 3) to learn to act, versus react, 4) to break the control that anger holds, interfering with relationships, and 5) the opportunity to develop practical application practices, in responsibly controlling anger.


Counseling and various parenting programs are available at SNLM to address the challenges parents are facing today in raising their children (of all ages), and are offered on an individual basis, or in a group setting.


Whether a pregnancy is planned or unexpected, we offer free confidential pregnancy tests, provide information, options, and ongoing support.  YPN (Young & Pregnant in Niagara) is an ongoing pre/post natal group to prep teens through their pregnancy, and following.


Empowered,  South Niagara Life Ministries’ Abstinence Curriculum, is excellent for booking area public school assemblies or classroom presentations. The presentation walks students through the importance of abstinence for emotional, physical, mental, spiritual health and empowers them to make right choices and prepare for healthy, lasting relationships in the future.

Budgeting 101

Money matters affect a great deal of family relationships. Our goal is to help you get started to live responsibly, and within your means. You learn how to shop smarter to save. Basic biblical financial principles offer practical application practices that can assist you to succeed, your entire lifetime. This workshop involves identifying heart issues, and problem areas that interfere with responsible planning, budgeting, and good saving practices.

Earn-As-You Learn and Life-Skills Program

Our program offers ways of gaining a stronger sense of self and skills that are needed to live a responsible and productive life, for yourself and your family. We offer various life skill workshops, in categories that include 1) general safety and basics in operating a home 2) healthy eating, food preparation, and table etiquette, 3) money management and how to shop within a budget, and 4) some outings. (check the link below for scheduling), all on a rotational basis. For the current Life Skills classes schedule.

Grief Support Group

Griefshare is an open group, and can be joined at any time.

The loss and finality of death is hard for most folks to cycle through.  You may benefit from our weekly group program for the help it can offer you.  It is led by trained leaders who understand grief and the need for assistance to navigate through the changes at a difficult time, as facing a loss, presents you with.  Each meeting includes a seminar video of experts sharing their insights into grief. A workbook of exercises provides you daily help for processing and adapting to the pain and loss you have come through.  Please call the centre to register 905.871.0236.

Biblical Counsel

Counsel and specific programs are available to anyone seeking a solid biblical framework to connect biblical principles to their problems and practical living, and solutions for immediate, short, and long-term problems. We offer assistance in identifying problems, options, specific responses, and determining solution oriented strategies, for real and lasting change, to common everyday issues.


Individuals & Families   Young & Old    Male & Female    All Are Welcome